Add Google Translate To Ms Word Google Translator For Ms Word

Google translate is the best available machine level translation service available on the planet. However, if you were to use Microsoft Word and translate your content with Google translate you will always need to copy your text and then put it in Google translate service and then paste the translated text back in your Microsoft word documents. Although, Microsoft has a built in transtor in MS Word but Google translate beats the translation quality without any doubt. What if you were to have a plugin which can embed right in your Microsoft Word application and translate the text using Google Translate API.
The addin i want to show today is the one that does exactly that. Not only it allows you to use Google’s API but also you can use Microsoft’s service with a better and more user freindly way.

Not only the software translates the content for you in your MS Word documents but also it retains your formatting. So, if you have some text marked with a Paragraph even after you translate the text the translated text will retain the formatting.
You will have the paragraphs in the same way as your original text. And if for some reason you do not like the translation of a specefic paragraph you can simply Undo the translation by Control + Z. And then you try with the other engine.

Google translate for MS Word

Watch the video below in HD which demonstrates how the software works and how easy it is to translate using MS Word. For the first time you use the software you will have to enter the API keys for the service you want to you and thats it. Once you have the API Keys setup you can save them and use over and over again.
Demo Video best viewed in 720p HD

Is there is charge for using APIs? Well, yes there is small charge that Goolgle and Microsoft charge for this service. Microsoft translator comes with a lot of free characters. And you have a choide to make.
Please see Google’s pricing below.
Its very reasonable. Like $20 for 1 Million Characters

With this software you get the best of the both Worlds. Powerful document software from Microsoft and best in class machine level translation service right in your MS Word documents.

Check out more details at Google Translator For Microsoft Word